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Light green no alarm  
Green low intensity  
Yellow moderate  
Orange medium intensity  
Red high intensity  
Violet very high intensity  

Map Overview provides a summary of all the dangers or warnings for severe weather phenomena and weather information. On the map is marked in such places or areas in Switzerland are expected phenomena such as storms / hurricanes, heavy rains, snow storms, storms or freezing rain.
It is also indicated where there are extreme temperatures.


 Radar Precipitazioni (Rainfall Radar)



 More Weather Information

Lugano-Agno, forecast for five days and lot information such as:
- Temperature, Precipitation, Gust, Wind direction/avarage, Relative Humidity, Feels Like, Dew point, ...
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Views of Lugano

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E-Aviation Swiss Sagl

Lugano Airport
P.O. Box 163
CH-6982 Agno

T +41 (0)91 600 26 27
F +41 (0)91 600 26 28
VHF: 131.625
last update: 21.10.2014